“Today we’re gunna have a quick chat about ambulatory wheelchair users. Did you know that nearly 90% of wheelchair users have at least some function in their legs?! I get a lot of comments of people asking if I'm "better" "cured" or "faking" because they see some pictures of me in a wheelchair and some pictures of me standing. I am an ambulatory wheelchair user which means I can stand up from my chair and walk around a bit. This doesnt mean I'm faking. It doesnt mean im cured, and it certainly doesnt mean im better. My wheelchair is a tool that I use to help my body on a regular basis. It keeps me from being in too much pain and helps my energy levels when I know I'll be out and about for long periods of time. However, I also walk and that doesnt negate the fact that I need my wheelchair most of the time. EDS is a punk to my body yall. It's not a miracle when I stand to reach something on a high shelf (I've had someone yell that at me I kid you not) and I'm not faking when I pick up my chair from my trunk and sit in it (another thing I've been publicly accused of). "
Ondra 11 let demyelinating disease,autism,apnea,mental retardation.epilepsy
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